Review Guidelines

Hitbox Hell grades videogames on a 1-10 system inspired by the scale used by IGN. Unlike IGN, games cannot get a decimal as part of their score and are rated solely from one to ten to keep the scale consistent and reasonable.

10 – Perfect

The best of the best and the highest recommendation given on Hitbox Hell.

Games that are regarded as Perfect don’t come around often, but their presence within the ever-expanding library of countless games are felt by the writer. Perfect games are experiences like no other and are a cut above the rest. Even some of James’ favourite titles don’t reach a 10/10, so the inclusion of one at the top of the scoring system means that they’re a game that is highly recommended.

Examples of Perfect games include:

9 – Phenomenal

The score rating of Phenomenal is best explained by containing games that are amazing but are unable to reach landmark of being a complete experience from start to finish. Despite that, these are games that still warrant a strong recommendation.

Examples of Phenomenal games include:

8 – Amazing

These are games that are fun to play. They may not be the best games ever made but they still get a high recommendation due to their ability to go above the average when it comes to enjoyment and satisfaction during the course of the playtime.

Examples of Amazing games include:

7 – Good

Good is the rating that most games will get. This doesn’t mean that these games should be looked at as bad in any way – it means they’re good games to play and serve their purpose as an entertaining form of media.

Most games fit in this category because they are good. Not all games in the world are going to be a spectacle and Good is what describes that the best.

Examples of Good games include:

6 – Okay

Okay games just about miss the mark of being good. They’re not bad games, they just serve their purpose. They’re not at that level where they’re better than most games that release in this day and age.

Examples of Okay games include:

  • Reigns
  • Five Night’s at Freddy’s World
  • Homefront

5 – Average

The single-word “average” fits the 5/10 grade the best. Games that are middle-tier, for lack of a better description, will be featured on this level.

Examples of Average games include:

4 – Bad

As Michael Jackson once said: “It’s bad, it’s bad. It’s really really bad.”

Examples of Bad games include:

  • WWE 2K20
  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition
  • Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5

3 – Terrible

It’s at this point you begin to wonder, why was this game ever made? What purpose does this game even serve to the wider videogame industry? Turns out, nothing.

Examples of Terrible games include:

  • Postal III
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
  • Sonic Boom

2 – Awful

If you’re an avid gamer, it would be best to refund these games and consider buying something else that catches your attention.

Examples of Terrible games include:

  • Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)
  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust
  • Fallout 76

1 – Don’t Bother

Don’t buy. Don’t play. Don’t even consider wanting to get the game.

Examples of Don’t Bother games include:

  • None so far.
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