Hitbox Hell was created as a side-project and hobby as I often found myself writing too much when talking to my friends about games that I liked. But at the same time, I knew that others didn’t want to read game reviews from those big mainstream websites that were very long and didn’t just get to the point and maybe go a bit too in-depth about what a game is like.

I decided to combined my love of over-sharing the things that I enjoyed about games, as well as significantly narrowing down the reading time for people to get an informed opinion on a game they might want to play to create a website that has a moderate amount of words that perfectly encapsulate my feelings and views on games, which is how Hitbox Hell was started in November 2020 with a review of Hollow Knight.

Reviews tend to be between 800 and 2500 words, but sometimes they can go over the limit because there’s too much to talk about and I end up saying too much,.

For a comprehensive guide to why I give games certain scores, please check out the Review Guidelines page.

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