Hitbox Hell was created as a side-project by writer James Carlin to give a documentation of the games that he has played as well as providing his friends with insights on the games that he enjoyed, giving them reasons to try them out.

The first review was written and published in November 2020 for the hit indie metroidvania Hollow Knight. As a result of the review being posted online, James witnessed his entire friend group picking up the game to give it a try; leading to the publication of many more game reviews which still get posted on the website to this day.

From the beginning, one of the aims of Hitbox Hell was to give a spotlight to a wide variety of different games from a sparse range of genres. From mainstream games to lesser known titles and shooter games to underappreciated 2000s gems, anything is covered and nothing is out of the realm of possibility to be reviewed.

Game reviews tend to be between 800 and 2500 words to allow the writing to be concise; not long that the reader gets bored, but long enough to give an idea of what the game is, how it plays and why the reader should buy it.

Each game review is accompanied by a score from one to ten, utilising James’ own review guidelines that features a comprehensive guide to way thst he rates games that he established upon creating Hitbox Hell.

Alongside the main Hitbox Hell website, there is also a blog, Hitbox Hell: Bonus Level, which James updates with his thoughts on different subjects within the gaming world outside of the established review model on the website.

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